• IBIK Together with Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Strengthened Bogor Typical Batik Business as One of the Indonesian Cultural Products in Cibuluh Batik Village in the Collaborative Community Service Program

    • May 11, 2023
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    Through the Community Service Collaboration Program, IBI Kesatuan in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Mara from Malaysia and Kampung Batik Cibuluh successfully held training for Kampung Batik Cibuluh MSME groups on Friday (05/05/2023).

    With the theme “Community Empowerment Through Assisting in Production Costs, Digital Business, Governance and Cultural Product Tourism (Batik), “Mrs. Ani Mekaniwati as the chief coordinator of the activity, said that the implementation of this training is expected to solve the problems that exist in the Kampung Batik Cibuluh MSME group, especially in terms of determining the cost of goods produced (HPP) and marketing specific Bogor batik products.

    Mr. Hendra Setiawan, a representative of IBI Kesatuan stated, “Often home industry businesses ignore product depreciation costs so that when the equipment used in the production process needs to be repurchased, it provides additional costs to production costs”. Therefore, core calculations such as raw material costs, batik processing service costs, inventory, and depreciation are essential. Activities such as comparative studies of various other batik businesses are also a good step to be used as a reference in determining how to minimize production costs.

    A good calculation starting from the core production costs can make it easier for MSME players to determine the appropriate selling price for their products and reduce the risk of future losses due to additional costs that still need to be estimated. If the selling price of the product has been determined, MSME players only need to calculate how the product can be marketed. As stated by Mrs. Dina Ayu Widiastuti (Pioneer of Kampung Batik Cibuluh), marketing batik products is still one of the problems in the Kampung Batik Cibuluh MSME group.

    Mrs. Maslinawati Mohamad, a representative from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) revealed, “In marketing products (in this case, batik), sellers need to sell what the market wants and likes, not just what sellers like”. This is certainly the main thing to think about in marketing a product. “For example, there are many Indonesian batik sold in Malaysia using pastel colors because the Malaysian market is dominated by young people who tend to like colors that are not too strong”, she added.

    Product adjustment to the market is critical and should not be overlooked by MSME players. In order to market this batik product, MSME players need to conduct surveys and assessments of the market situation, such as where the product will be marketed, determining the target market, what the target market currently likes, and what trends are currently being discussed in the community can help MSME players adjust themselves so that they can more easily reach the market.

    “How to make people realize that batik has its own artistic value and it’s different from the cheap batik on the market?” said one of the participants. Seeing this problem, Mr. Hendra Setiawan explained that additional details are needed in marketing the products sold. Not only the beautiful patterns on batik cloth but the presentation of products to be marketed and the product packaging is also one of the assessments of consumers in assessing the high value/price of a product”.

    In line with the explanation, “The description of a product is important!”, said Mrs. Maslinawati. In this case, Mrs. Maslinawati wanted to convey that exposure can create a desire to buy. With a good explanation of the meaning of each batik motif, people will also better understand and appreciate the value of batik.

    This training activity was closed by introducing various batik works made by the Kampung Batik Cibuluh UMKM group to all invited guests from IBI Kesatuan and Mrs. Maslinawati as UiTM representatives from Malaysia.